Therapy Surfaces and Power Outages

No power for your dynamic air therapy surfaces? No problem!

With planned power outages now a reality on high fire danger days in the West, how does a post-acute provider prepare in advance for this new normal? Providers throughout the country face the same issue as they grapple with hurricanes, thunderstorms, ice storms, blizzards…the list goes on.

One can cross fingers and hope the generator backup will be enough to power everything or they can plan ahead; addressing at least one critical area of care for their most fragile patients prone to or suffering from pressure injury. 

There are air therapy surfaces designed to prevent and treat pressure injuries that will not leave your patients unprotected in a power outage, or worse, lying directly on a hard bed frame because of a deflated blow-up mattress with perforated air cylinders. Additionally, they don’t rely on power guzzling control units that can flip breakers and blow fuses as you transition to generator backup! The Span-America PressureGuard® family of air therapy surfaces provided exclusively by MediLogix has been engineered with resident safety as a primary design requirement. When power is interrupted, the forward-thinking PressureGuard design allows the air systems to seal off, delivering pressure-redistribution for your residents and their at-risk skin until power can be restored.

Take a look at this guide for more information.

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