Switching your rental company doesn't have to be stressful

The greatest obstacle to switching to a new DME rental company may simply be the fear of disruption when old equipment is removed from a skilled nursing facility and new equipment is brought in. But that shouldn’t be the case – if these easy-to-follow procedures are put in place, the conversion from the old and implementation of the new will be stress-free.

Once the rental needs of your facility are known, these simple steps can relieve your anxiety by assuring you that your patients’ needs will be met:

1. A rollout schedule will be created – you will notify your current provider and allow the new provider to obtain replacement equipment for you on a schedule that makes sense for your facility.

2. Initial calls from the new provider will be placed to the appropriate person at each facility to explain the rollout process.

3. Your new provider’s operations personnel will prepare your rental equipment for roll out.

4. The current rental provider should have patient names and room numbers associated with each piece of equipment. The new provider will want to collect that information before implementation so it can map out the best strategy for converting the equipment.

5. You should also try to determine whether there is other equipment that you rent on a regular basis that may not be reflected on the usage report so that the new provider can purchase the equipment for your later use if necessary.

6. Your new provider will explain the ordering process and the process for terminating a rental. Will you be ordering by phone, by email or through a customer portal on a secure website?

7. You will work with the current provider to clean up their rentals, schedule pick up for late afternoon on the day of implementation, and determine whether you will have to store any of the current provider’s DME.

8. Be sure you have all of the contact information for your new provider and give them your information as well.

Don’t let fear be an obstacle – working through issues in advance with your new provider will make for a seamless transition while meeting your goal of better patient care. 

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MediLogix is the market leader in providing on-demand equipment rental solutions for care providers throughout the United States. Our clinical and business solutions help create Continuity of Care. Care providers are empowered to deliver better patient outcomes, while lowering rental usage and minimizing cost. MediLogix created the first dashboard reporting tools in the market, allowing care providers to finally make informed decisions. MediLogix is the only national rental company in North America to exclusively support Span America’s Therapy Support Surfaces, the safest and most clinically effective products on the market.